OCl Controller DLC 1.1

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OCl Controller DLC 1.1

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The OCL X-series, with extremely powerful and higher PAR output than traditional fixtures, ask for a smart controller. That is why OCL designed the world’s smartest and yet easy to operate lighting controller.

All sensors (TEMP/RH/CO2) can be calibrated, it detects sensor failures and when a connection is not set-up properly a warning will automatically be displayed. The OCL DLC-1.1 Smart Lighting and CO2-Controller includes a built-in clock and back-up battery with a 30-year lifetime. The DLC-1.1 simulates natural growing conditions with the “RISE/FALL” option, allowing plants to gradually warm up and cool down. The “AUTO-SAVE TEMP” option can sense when indoor temperatures are getting too high and by responding automatically by dimming the connected lamps, it will reduce or even avoid environmental stress and crop damage. The “SHUTDOWN-TEMP” is an extra safety feature that will shut down all lighting in the room when the temperature is not reducing after the “Auto-Save Temp” has set in.

Never before was it so simple to create the right climate for your plants!