DWC - Deep Water Culture is a pure Hydroponic growing method that can yield fantastic results. The unrestricted amount of Oxygen delivered to the plant is a must for an excelled growth rate for large specimen plants. The Bloomroom Bubbler has been designed with tank volume being the most important aspect of the system. 100L volume of nutrient and oxygen filled root space for one plant. Unlike other DWC systems on the market our flagship system enables gardeners to be confident in less top ups needed for the system to work to its full potential. Many issues including Pythium can occur when using smaller volume tanks due to high temperatures in the greenhouse but with using a volume of 100L we have helped reduce the chance of this happening.

When gardeners use hydro systems they can be a little heavy on the fertiliser so we have also added a drainage tap to all our Flexi Rez range so gardeners can slightly drain the tank when they have too much salt in the soup. Simply drain and then add water to get the right E.C reading for the time of the cycle.

The Flexi 4 System is simply a personal drip irrigation system. The Flexi 4 is completely unique in the way that the product is flat packed and can easily access hard to reach gardening spaces. Re-circulating hobby systems are a very popular part of the market due to the simplicity of using pots but the fact that growers can set specific feeding times means plants can get more “little and often” nutrient doses. Set the times on a digital/segmental timer and simply make sure your tank is full.
We have looked at systems on the market and realistically the only way we could improve on popular dripper systems was to make them more grower friendly by eradicating the large cumbersome stock tank. We also thought to split the planter trays into three sections for ease of shipping and also made the system so it could accommodate all pot sizes, actually we have made it much better!