Devil’s Garden All-in-Base

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Devil’s Garden All-in-Base

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Contains every essential plant nutrient in a fully solubale, concentrated form

ALL IN BASE gives you all the benefits of traditional A & B formulations in one concentrated package. ALL IN BASE is not a suspension liquid, it is a solution!

ALL IN BASE is pH optimised with all nutrients present in a well-balanced chelated form. The formulation contains no inferior chloride salts. Allowing gardeners to run the nutrient at a wider pH range and guaranteeing nutrient availability.

Suitable for all recirculating, run to waste and passive hydroponic systems.

We at Devils Garden Nutrients believe that ALL IN BASE is the ideal base nutrient for all commercial cultivators.

• pH perfect
• Shake to activate technology
• Chelated calcium
• Chelated micronutrients
• Biostimulant included for enhanced flavour
• Concentrated commercial grade plant nutrient

Available in 1L, 5L and 10L